Off to College? Here's Some Help

Here's some resources for those who are either entering into college for the first time, going back to college, or are trying to minister to those in college.

Christian + University = ?

How to Think Your Way Through College

by Brian J. Walsh

"...What happens when we take a Christian and add him or her to the secular university? We'll end up with at least four possible equations..."

Navigating the College Transition
by Derek Melleby with Susan Den Herder

"...The transition from high school to college is a difficult one. Yet it is a transition often overlooked. College-bound high school students are often told that their time in college will be the "best four years of their lives," but the reality can be quite different..."

Making the Most of College (Comment Magazine, 2006)

Making the Most of College (Comment Magazine, 2007)

a series of excellent articles from Comment Magazine. Highly Recommended!

Worldview Formation on the College Campus

by Dawn Buckley

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joe said...

thanks for the info. i passed your link on to our college& career leader. hopefully he will find it a helpful resource.