Motivational Posters for the Emerging Church

Phil Johnson over at TeamPyro posted some satirical graphics of what he calls "Motivational Posters for the Emerging Church Conversation Chaos." Phil, with great satirical wit, has issued a very creative way to criticize us. I found some of the posters quite good and spot-on. Others, not so much.

Here's a few of them:

The author of the Emerging Grace blog has posted some of her own motivational posters in response, she calls them "A More Generous View."

Here are a few of these excellent posters:

HT: Steve Knight, Emergent Village Weblog



Thoughts From Jeff said...

I have been reading Emerging Grace for awhile. I thought she did a fantastic job in her post and response.

Bob Robinson said...

I've read her blog before, but have not found myself back there for a while. This has me back!

joe said...

yeah but man those posters are funny. if you cant laugh at yourself, you might as well laugh at someone else i always say.

Chris said...
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Pheonix said...

Ha ha. Brilliant. I'd have to say that while not as "generous", the original posters above that were taken from spergeon.net promote a more acurate view and interpretation of the Emergent church. The "generous" posters were a little vague and devoid of any specific concrete meaning and substance as well as seemed to make some inacurate assumptions. Very ambiguos like most things coming out of the movement.