Stan Grenz

Wow. I am genuinely shook up about the news of Stan Grenz’s death.

I only spent two days with him as he led a seminar at last year’s Emergent Convention, but it was a significant marker in my life. His books have helped me tremendously in understanding my faith and the direction evangelicalism needs to go in the 21st Century. At the convention, he spent some time with me, helping me consider options for doctoral work, and inviting me to look into pursuing my doctorate under his leadership. He graciously shared his e-mail address and I have been playing with the idea of one day working on such a degree with him. He did not know me from Adam, but he showed genuine concern and offered real advice.

Stan's incredible mind and humble spirit was a blessing for anybody who came in contact with him. We have a lot of work to do as Emergent thinkers and practitioners; and I’m afraid that the loss of Stan will make our work that much more challenging. He had a lot to say. I pray that we who were influenced by him will carry on his legacy in a way that honors the man and his dedication to His Lord.

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