I attended the Coalition for Christian Outreach’s Jubilee Conference this past weekend. Wow. Quite an experience. There were well over 2,000 college students in attendance from Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, and Michigan. Jubilee’s purpose is what attracts me to serving with the CCO:

"We help students see that God has called us all to live under a new set of assumptions—Kingdom assumptions. We cannot be satisfied with business as usual; we strive to live out the principles embodied in the year of Jubilee (as outlined in Leviticus 25), because in a very real sense, the great and forever year of Jubilee has begun with the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ.”

I watched as these young adults were inspired to take their faith and put it into action—in their studies, in their future careers, in their lifestyles. They were called to not only live their faith from their hearts and to speak of their faith with their mouths, but to engage issues with their minds and live out their faith with their hands as they show compassion and seek justice.

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