Some of my favorite iPhone apps

On Friday, The Washington Post had an article on "The 18 Best iPhone Apps." Many of the apps that they list are either irrelevant or too expensive, and there are incredible apps that they failed to list that left me scratching my head.

So I thought I'd create my own list. Here you go -
Some of my favorite iPhone apps:

Productivity Tools
Dragon Dictation
No typing is needed, as all I do is speak into my iPhone to text message, email, tweet, update my Facebook status, or send notes and reminders to myself. Free

Awesome Note
I use this all the time for to-dos, to keep track of people's names and info, to jot down notes to myself. Free for Lite version, $4 for full

With Springpad, I use my iPhone to record products, restaurants, wines, or random thoughts. It automatically organizes what I save and then adds extra helpful information, like directions, reviews, showtimes, menus, price comparisons, and other web links to research my thoughts further. This info is always available on my iPhone and also on the web for reading on my laptop. free

Reference Apps
Google app
Why use the Google app instead of just using Google in Safari? The main reason is this: Voice Search. Click on the microphone icon and talk, and Google finds it. How easy is that? Plus it saves all your searches in a list, so you can quickly click on any search from the past that you need the results for again. free

My favorite app for cooking. I can search for ideas based on “main ingredient,” “meal/course,” “cuisine,” “dietary considerations,” “dish type,” or “season or occasion.” free

Pocket Universe
Looking up at the night sky, I can hold my iPhone up and with its built-in compass it displays the same view of the sky I see in front of me, complete with the names and information about all the stars and constellations. $3

YouVersion Bible &
Logos Bible Software
I use these two Bible apps all time. With YouVersion, you get access to just about every version of the Bible you can name (44 translations in 21 languages), a search function, bookmarking, and reading plans. Logos’ free version has a limited number of translations (including ESV, NLT, NAS, HCSB, and NKJV), but it includes original language texts and tools. Simply tap-and-hold on a Bible word to see the underlying Hebrew or Greek. “Text Comparison” (see picture above) lets you quickly see a verse in multiple versions, with differences highlighted. If you own Logos Bible Software version 4 for your computer, this app gives you cloud access to books from that vast library, running in sync with it (remembering your favorite resources, bookmarks, and settings). free

Utilities and Timesavers
Lose It
I agree with The Washington Post that Lose It is a wonderful tool for keeping track of caloric intake, but it also keeps track of caloric burning too, as I also enter the exercises I do. Set goals and watch the weight come off with weekly reports sent to your email inbox. free

AT&T myWireless
With this app, I can keep track of my usage. It reminds me when my bill is due, and I can pay my AT&T bill within the app. free

Motion X: GPS Drive
While the Tom Tom app costs $50, I get turn-by-turn directions from a friendly female voice for only $1 for the app and $3 each month that I use it (which isn't always, so I can re-up that payment the next time I want to use the app).

Who needs Quicken anymore when all my financial information is tracked and recorded with Mint? The iPhone app gives me password-protected access to information about my budget, cashflow, and investments. Mint.com keeps track of all items in my checkbook and credit cards, assigning them categories so that I can track my spending. I can also access all this information on the web, along with graphs and charts to help me keep a handle on things. And all this is free!

Audio and Photo Tools
Perhaps it’s so obvious that the Washington Post skipped this, but if you don’t already have Pandora on the iPhone, you’re missing perhaps the greatest app ever invented. It’s a personalized radio – simply type in the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a "station" that plays their music and more music like it. free

I can listen to my choice of over 750 local radio stations from across America. free

PhotoShop Express
Taking pictures with the iPhone gets more creative with this app. Crop, straighten, rotate, and flip. Change exposure, saturation, tint, and contrast. Adjust with soft focus, or sharpen. Add effects: vibrant, pop, border, vignette blur, warm vintage, rainbow, white glow, and soft black and white. Add borders. Photoshop Express is a companion to Photoshop.com where you can do even more online, including uploading and storing 2GB of photos and videos. free

Entertainment Apps and Games
ESPN ScoreCenter
Easy access to the sports scores of all my favorite sports, highlighting the teams that I follow. By clicking on a score, I get a detailed recap of the game with a seamless integration with ESPN Mobile Web. free

Plants vs. Zombies
This is a very fun game. Protect your home from invading zombies by strategically placing plants that have different defending capabilities. $3

Tap Tap Revenge
Tap Tap Revenge is a music game in the tradition of games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution that puts your rhythmic skills to the test. Tap through the beats or shake left and right as the arrows fall. Lots of music from which to choose for free, or add favorite artists at an extra cost.