World AIDS Day - This Saturday

Every year on December 1, people from around the world spend the day learning about AIDS and encouraging the millions of people suffering from it.

I am a member of The Chapel in Akron, where I lead an incarnational community. My friend Joel Daniel Harris, on staff at The Chapel (and on Associate Staff with the CCO) has designed an incredible interactive website, ChapelAIDS.org. It is a "tool to expand your own knowledge, a resource to pass on to others, and a reminder to spend time in prayer and in practical support of those who face AIDS daily."

In each section of this site you'll find some relevant information, images that provide the personal context, a prayer point, and a variety of resources and links.

I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. It really is an excellent way to prepare for this Saturday.

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Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks, Bob. I was not aware of this day, at least not as to the date. And we need to be more than just aware of it. Sometimes, often times we choose to ignore what's unpleasant or uncomfortable, but that is not the Jesus way.

joeldaniel said...

thanks for the love, Bob. i owe you a phone call so we can be friends. or so you can be my boss. or some combination thereof.