YIKES! Do I really write so pompously?

This has been going around the blogs - Sivin Kit had it, and then Scot McKnight, which was followed by Michael Kruse.

You type in your URL and it tells you what reading level your blog is.

Can this really be true?
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Sivin Kit said...

Imagine ... some blogs are for "genuis level" :-)

Ivy said...

Mine rates the same as yours! Oh my.

Matt Mitchell said...


I hope this means that we regular readers will soon be granted degrees from the Vanguard Church University!

Happy Thanksgiving.


Ted M. Gossard said...

Mine is junior high level. I do try to avoid big words and try to communicate as if I were speaking to a congregation.

But it's good to be stretched like we are on blogs like this, Bob. So keep doing what you're doing- and hopefully I'll do my thing as well.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Bob Robinson said...

Thanks, guys, for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand a word your saying.

joe said...

haha bob. we have equal smartininity.

joeldaniel said...

oh gosh...i just checked my blog and it locked in at genius level. i don't even think that i use that big of words...i wonder how it does it...it seems to figure it out pretty fast.