Death by Blog Boredom

I've been "tagged" by Scott Berkhimer at his excellent blog, Theopraxis. He was tagged by the best Christian economist that blogs, Michael Kruse, who was tagged by David Ker of Lingamish.

The "meme" is meant to discover "five little-known treasures of the blogosphere" in order to put to death our blog boredom.

Follow the above links to discover these bloggers' suggestions.

Here are mine:
And here's one (for a shameless plug) that has a wealth of information that not nearly enough of my readers check out:

For those of you I listed, consider yourself tagged if you wish to join in. Let us know what five blogs you think are worthy of more people checking out!


joe said...

thanks bob. the blogosphere chain letter is off and running. i appreciate the tag.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the HT Bob. Here's to the death of blog boredom!

stevebishop said...

Hi Bob,
thanks for the tag - I'm honoured!

Michael Kruse said...

Well, I'm not formally an economist. More of an aspiring ploymath but thanks for the high praise! I look forward to the links.

David Ker said...

Cool! I look forward to checking these guys out. Lingamish.

Steve Hayes said...

Thanks for that -- I'll check those blogs out.

You'll find my list here: Notes from underground: Thinking blogger award

Steve Hayes said...

Thanks for that, I'll check those out.

You can find my list here: Notes from underground: Thinking blogger award