Sorry for the Quiet Blog

Things have been very busy and hectic in the ministry, so I have not been able to blog like I like.

But there are a lot of ideas perculating in my head...
...especially as I read and as I think about how we are to incanate the gospel and live out "Emmanuel Apologetics."

Saw Rob Bell's "The Gods Aren't Angry" Tour the other night, and it was very good. There was certainly some room for critique (I did not agree with his every point), but as I looked at the audience and listened to the message as Bell told the sweeping story of how the God revealed in the Bible is different from the ancient religions, I just thought, "Thank God for Rob Bell."

He is connecting with a new generation of people with the Gospel of God's love.


joe said...

I wanted to see Rob pretty bad. I saw him last year. He did a masterful job. But I am a dad now and didnt have the time this time. I cant wait to hear what you have to say about it bob.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. I think I feel and think the same way, Bob. I'm thankful for him even if not all his theological t's are crossed or i's dotted. He is saying a number of things that need to be said and can hit home especially for the younger generation, I think.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Have a blessed Christmas, new year and beyond- to you and yours!