Top 5 Books I Read in 2004 (#4)

Mustard Seed Versus McWorld: Reinventing Life and Faith for the Future by Tom Sine

Sine, acting as an evangelical prophet, offers perhaps the most thorough and startling analysis of where we are today and what tomorrow may look like in a world that increasingly is being shaped by the empire of power-economics. The new globalization of western economics has allowed unchecked multi-national corporations to do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want.

Sine offers strategies, real-life stories, and solutions to the problems Christianity faces in a globalized world. He takes issue with what he calls "dualistic Christianity"--he believes there are too many Christians who separate their church lives from the rest of their lives, especially in the realm of social justice.

In a postmodern world, in which we are becoming more globally aware by the day, Christian missional involvement will have to think both locally and globally. Sine offers a roadmap for the future of how evangelicals can engage in the new issues arising in the world, and how we can allow the Kingdom of God to address them. He contends that if Christians embrace God’s “Mustard Seed” agenda, we will be able to make a difference in the rapidly approaching one-world economic order of “McWorld.”



Byron said...

Don't "2a" and "2b" mean that there are six books?

Seriously, great minds must think alike, even if one can't convince the other on politics...I've read four of your five so far, all in the last year. You readin' over my shoulder? I don't know that I'd put any of the five on my "Top 5" list--perhaps "Mustard Seed". Maybe I'll do my own list on my site. I did gain from each of them, though, and all worth the read.

Bob Robinson said...

As I said at the post for 2a--
"(yes, I have two “number two” entries…I’m allowed…It’s my blog!)"

When I started out, I thought I could just list five, but with the addition of NT Wright's lecture series, it went to six...I just HAD to let people know about that amazing theological treat!