Gives the tagline “Fair and Balanced” a new meaning

I just received this week’s TIME magazine, with the cover story reading, “Has TV Gone Too Far?” As I thumbed through the mag, an interesting graphic caught my eye:

Pushing the decency envelope isn’t cheap. Here are some of the biggest fines handed down by the FCC.

Obscured nudity, spanking and a man licking whipped cream off a stripper’s breasts earned
Married by America the FCC’s largest TV fine ever.

Isn’t it ironic that FOX can, on their network, dish out crap like this, while on their News Channel they can sound all “moral” and “conservative”? I’m amazed that they can get away with this clear hypocrisy.

Of course, maybe it’s just brilliant marketing. On the FOX network they are extremely “liberal” with their programming (trying to jack up the ratings) and thus causing an uproar among “conservatives” as they watch FOX NEWS rail on about the liberal media (again trying to jack up the ratings).

And since FOX NEWS reports what conservatives want to hear, they let the hypocrisy of what the Rupert Murdoch financial empire does off the hook.



lyricano said...

A disagree with your critique. Conservatives/Fox are not hypocritical--the smut on Fox TV is completely consistent with FoxNews and the partisans who support it. They worship money and individual freedom/responsibility. So-called liberals place value on shared responsibility and community. Liberals also place value on journalistic ethics, rule of law, and procedural honesty. Fox and conservatives do not share these values. Conservatives are hypocritical when they complain that TV is out of control while they promote "individual responsibility" and the machinations of an unregulated free market. Rupert Murdoch loses no sleep when FoxNews distorts or FoxTV sells trash. Its all the same.

BruceD said...

Man, you must really hate those guys!

Bob Robinson said...

It's not that I hate "those guys;" it's that I hate hypocricy.

My goal in this post is not so much to nail FOX but to nail the evangelical Christians who are watching FOX NEWS without thinking through who FOX really is.

We Evangelical Christians have allowed our faith in Jesus to become a syncretistic religion--we have mixed Jesus with the Western ideals of capitalistic gain, materialism, free market enterprise, and wealth (a lot of the "Right" or "Conservative" political agenda) so much that we have become blind to such hypocricy.
Somebody needs to speak up about this. I'm sorry if my doing so offends you.
But wouldn't you rather that Christians think about how the media is playing us for fools and speak out accordingly?

lyricano said...

I do not hate them, but I am deeply sadened by the enormous damage they've done to our democracy. I am also frequently frustrated by the success of their deceptions (I should'd be surprised) and I am sometimes feel anger at the deceptions. It is a shame really.