Trey's First Catch!

Trey Robinson with the catch. FIRST DOWN EAGLES!!

Trey is 10 years old, playing Tight End for the 4th and 5th Grade Lake Youth Football Team, the EAGLES.

The team hardly ever passes, and this was their first time passing to Trey and the team's first completion of the season!!

Yes, I know... I'm playing the Proud Papa.


Matt Robinson said...

Nice catch Trey!! Way to go!

Mark Goodyear said...


Crista said...

Congratulations to Trey!! Seems like we were just all watching Trey and Jonathan playing t-ball when they had just turned 5, and now they are 10. Where does the time go?? Thanks for your notes you've sent us and for your prayers. We appreciate them. I've read over the CCO magazine you gave us; excellent; alot of food for thought. Been reading your blog; more food for thought. Don't agree with all the comments about Sarah Palin, but since I don't feel qualified to give an educated sounding response, we'll just agree to disagree. haha By the way, Andrew is enjoying your friend Joel Daniel Harris as his new middle school youth pastor. MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! How did that happen? Seems like he was just a baby! Ok, I'm being way too sentimental here; say hello to Linda for me and to the kids from my kids. Tell Kaira that Sarah is having a ball going through all the fall clothes that we have from Kaira's old stash!!

Bob Robinson said...

Good to read your comment!
My, oh my, it is amazing that they are growing up so fast.
I'm glad your Sarah is enjoying the clothes!

Dan Turis said...

Nice catch.
Glad to see their throwing to him.