Are you sick of the term "Emerging" getting in the way?

Scot McKnight is. And so am I.

Thanks to Scot for writing this important post on his blog, Jesus Creed.

"For the last year and a half I have spent far too much time explaining the terms 'emerging' and 'emergent' and I’m tired of it. I don’t need either one to describe what is going on anyway… Most of us don’t give one rip if we are called 'emerging' or 'emergent.' Not one rip. I know I don’t.

Dan Kimball and I…are both evangelistic and we are not convinced that the emerging/emergent conversation is doing enough of it.
Our concern is that being missional leads to evangelism. We want to participate in this big emerging movement in ways that focus on evangelism, in ways that reach out to postmoderns, and in ways that focus on local churches. So, we are forming some partnerships with other leaders who want to support one another in this missional-and-evangelism direction.

What about theology? Yes, we differ from EV in this regard. We are committed to the Lausanne Covenant, where you will find a global emphasis on sin and salvation and the ultimacy of evangelism as the vanguard of the mission of God in this world."

Read the entire post here.


Count me in!

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