One Year of Scot McKnight's JESUS CREED

It's been one year of blogging for Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed.

I remember when he first started--he started with a several-part series interacting with DA Carson's book that criticized the Emergent Church (especially Brian McLaren). I was in the midst of the heat of that situation, having become convinced that "Emergent" and the "Emerging Church" movement had a lot to say about where we can move forward into the "vanguard" of where the church needs to be. And Carson was one of my professors in seminary, a person I deeply respected (I own a shelf-full of his books). How he could miss the point of the EC was astounding to me, and I felt that I was one of the few "emergent-types" to try to take on his critique.

But Scot McKnight came to the rescue. Scot was another of my profs in seminary, and he has the credentials and the more thorough knowledge of theology that can take on a scholar the likes of Carson.

I remember talks on the phone with Scot last year—as he worked on that series, his insights were what I was thinking, only better articulated and better backed up with his expertise in historical theology and New Testament background.

In those early days, Scot was on Blogger, the same as I am. I have figured out how to manipulate the code of Blogger to make the blog look the way I want and to include the information I want where I want it. So I helped him design that early blog in Blogger. Then a friend of his suggested he move to WordPress, and he switched to that (which I understand is much easier to write in and has a few more bells and whistles than Blogger).

Over the past year, Scot has offered some of the best insights into theology and biblical studies on the web. He is very fair in his assessment of the Emerging Church, sympathetic to its missional call and yet not afraid to offer critique where it is needed. Jesus Creed is the best Emerging Church blog going, and that says a lot, since there are a LOT of great blogs at Planet Emergent (Emerging Church Blogs).

On a personal note, I am very touched to know that as I went through my recent brush with death, Scot consistently posted updates as to my medical condition. It is an amazing thing to go back and read those posts and the many different comments from his readers, showing their loving care for me, a fellow blogger.

Thanks, Scot, for a great year! Here’s looking forward to the next!


Sivin Kit said...

I'm also one who's been blessed by Scot's blogging.

and I'm glad you are very much alive and well! :-)

Scot McKnight said...

What a very nice compliment from you. And you're being humble about how much you actually helped me, because without you on some of those early days I would not have been able to get things posted. If I recall aright, you helped me figure out who to make "links" in the sidebar, which made my life much easier: I was typing in everyone's address each day.

And glad you are back blogging.