Back Home Again!

After a harrowing Easter weekend (in which I had to call 9-1-1 again and visited not only the Mercy Emergency Room but was LIFE-FLIGHTED to the Cleveland Clinic), I’m home tonight and doing well. We believe I had a “Rebound”–when one moves from one type of blood pressure medicine to another, the body may freak out and the BP goes throught the roof. This is very dangerous, especially for someone like myself with an aorta that is trying to heal…

So the prognosis is this:

  • I’m home on a new set of blood pressure medications, monitoring the BP daily.
  • In 3 months, I go back to the Cleveland Clinic for another echocardiogram to see how I’m doing.
  • In six months they will do a heart catheterization and CT Scan and other tests to see if at that time they will want to replace my aortic valve and perhaps even re-do the aorta replacement (eeeks!).
Pray that the Lord would heal my heart in such a way that I will not have to have my chest opened up again.

Resurrection Weekend is all about Jesus Christ–but as one of his followers, I feel that I had yet another mini-resurrection!


Scot McKnight said...

We are all grateful you are back home.

Byron said...

Yeah, and that'll be about enough of this stuff, okay? :)

sabbath day's journey said...

God keeps answering my prayers for you. And I'll be sure to keep 'em coming!

Love you,

Ted Gossard said...

Amen. I'm praying. God, I'm confident, will continue to answer our prayers for healing.

Jeff Shafer said...


Glad to here you are doing better. You should have gave me a call when you were in FL in January. I was hoping to see you guys! We've been keeping you in our prayers, and hopefully we'll be able to get together when we come up to OH at the end of July.

Bob Robinson said...


Sorry about not connecting in FL.

Thanks for your prayers!
E-mail me about your plans in July.