A Genuine Desire for Holiness

Reflections from the Edge of Death 3

As I’ve been reflecting on what a precious gift human life is, I have also been struck by the greatest desire in my life for holiness.

Even though I’ve been in ministry for 16 years, I’ve seen the call to purity as a burden. You see, holiness is godliness, and since I’m not God, I found God’s demand, “be holy because I am holy” (1 Pet 1:15-16) to be burdensome, calling me to be something other than human.

But I’ve come to realize that the very definition of being human is to be a genuine image-bearer of God.

"Genuine holiness is genuine Christ-likeness, and genuine Christ-likeness is genuine holiness—the only genuine humanness there is” (JI Packer, Rediscovering Holiness, p. 28).

Life is too short to goof around feeding and obsessing over addictive sin. There is too much joy to be found in submitting to the Holy Spirit.

I had somehow missed that fact that among the fruit of the Spirit is JOY!


Anonymous said...

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Bob Robinson said...

That had a whole lot to do with my post, now didn't it?

p.a.hiles said...

bob, what is the deal with these people?! do they not read the posts that we take the time to write? on a post about my favourite movies some guy left me a paragraph message about the stockmarket! as if i even bother with that!MAN!

joeldaniel said...

well, i personally have visited and revisted this post multiple times in the short time it's been on here. because it resonates with me deeply. and it reminds me of things i am forgetful about. and when i read, something clicks, and stars shine, and i have an a-ha moment, and the lightbulb goes on, and all those other foolish metaphors. so thanks.

Scot McKnight said...

Good reminder -- and I would add that holiness is pure love of God and others. I like to define holiness as "love directed purely in the right direction."

Good quotation from Packer.

Ted Gossard said...

Bob, Thanks for the good thought. Yes, holiness is a burden among so many Christians. But in getting at what you're saying along with Packer and Scot, it is really a blessing for us in Jesus. Though because of the downdrag of the world we live in and the fact we're not yet fully redeemed, it is still often a challenge for us, to be sure.