Starbucks' Cafe Estima

I just bought some of Starbuck's latest blend--Cafe Estima.

It is their new Fair-Trade Certified coffee, and (unlike the Fair-Trade coffee they used to have) it is very good. And it is priced the same as their House Blend.

Read more about the introduction of this coffee here.

Fair-Trade Coffee is starting to take off; it is not any longer just the "in thing" on progressive college campuses and trendy espresso coffee shops. Christians have caught on to this as well. At Kent State, our CCO staffer, Nicole Poston leads our Service-Learning Team and takes students on encounters to learn from our brothers and sisters in Honduras, raising awareness about injustice. She has been one of the most outspoken advocates for Fair-Trade Coffees to be served on campus.

Other religious advocates of fair trade include Lutheran World Relief's Fair Trade Coffee Project, and the Presbyterian Coffee Project of the Presbyterian Church (USA).


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sabbath day's journey said...

Hey Bob,
Just ground some fair trade coffee this morning that I bought from Nicole Poston a while back. Good stuff. I'm going to have try this Starbuck's brand. Sorry I missed your call yesterday. I was actually able to make it to campus! I was very excited about that (every day things become a HUGE deal when you are feeling better and can participate in life again!). Looking forward to seeing you next week. Thanks for your patience, giving me time to recover, and just for being a great boss. I think I might like to keep you around. :)