Another Conservative Pastor Speaks Against Emerging Church

I'm kind of getting sick of this.

Yet another conservative evangelical has decided to talk negatively about the Emerging Church without taking the time to actually know what he's talking about. The three points that James MacDonald (pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois) makes at the Leadership Journal Blog are so wafer-thin and such a caricature of the Emerging Church that it just frustrates the tar out of me.

At that blog, I went into detail as to why I found his criticism rather wanting.

Check it out yourself. What do you think?



Darryl said...

I wouldn't worry about it myself...starting to seem familiar.

Brian said...

Does seem pretty thin and familiar. It also seems to be missing some of the questions Emergent is raising. For instance, he is upset at what he perceives as a disregard for the "explicit statements of Scripture" yet part of the question Emergent is raising has to do with our certainty of the "explicit-ness" of Scripture, you know?

ScottB said...

It's basically another drive-by critique that doesn't engage with the substance of what any of this is all about. (So who's for "style over substance"?)

An excellent response on your part - can't say I was impressed with his comments in return.

Scot McKnight said...

I posted a lengthy reply to Jim Macdonald on my site: www.jesuscreed.org.