Scot McKnight Takes on Emergent Criticism

I've blogged about this back on the 19th. I said that I was frustrated by James MacDonald and his wafer-thin caricature of the Emerging Church on the Leadership Journal blog, "Out of Ur".

Well, Scot McKnight is frustrated too.
Read his penetrating analysis of MacDonald's points at Jesus Creed.

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Byron said...

And note that the 27th response to McKnight's post is from MacDonald himself. McKnight's analysis is good. I have both concerns with and appreciation for the emerging church. At the risk of being shot at, I found myself agreeing with much of Don Carson's analysis, frankly. I have deep concerns with McLaren, more so than with most of the others I've read, and I had those concerns (but they were amplified) prior to reading Carson.

Bottom line, though: I think that a lunch date with McKnight and MacDonald is exactly what we could use a lot more of. Speaking with each other rather than at each other is a good thing.