"Soundings": A Postmodern Way to View the Unity of Scripture

Scot McKnight (at Jesus Creed) is beginning to offer a way forward into understanding the unity of Scripture beyond a "Systematic Theology" method with his ideas about a "Soundings Approach" to reading the Bible.

These are some great thoughts:

"What a soundings approach may have in its favor is that it accepts the limitation of every language game played...A systematic approach tends to flatten the variety and homogenize the variety, and I see no biblical warrant for such flattening or homogenizing...The sounding approach knows that each witness is one divine articulation of the grand redemption of God; it knows that the attempt to draw these diverse threads together strains each...and it lives with the inevitable limitation of our knowledge and our articulations of the message of the Bible."

Very postmodern, and very Christian.


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