Satire from Rick on the Senators at the Roberts Hearings

Rick Bennett at Cheaper Than Therapy provides insightful satire from the John Roberts Confirmation Hearings:

Here is my imitation of every Senator asking Roberts a question.

"I would like to point out how stupid the other party is and would like to talk about how stupid the remarks of the last Senator are. Now I would like to grandstand for a few minutes and make you, the American people and the rest of the Senate listen to my ideas on the judiciary for an extended period of time. After grandstanding I will now ask Judge Roberts a question. But, upon finishing this question, I do not want him to answer until I pontificate for a few minutes longer and give my opinion on the matter at hand for another extended period of time. After talking about myself and how in touch I am with the will of the American public (at least from listening to my staffers tell me what the masses desire), I will give you time to answer my convoluted question. Of course, I can interrupt you at any time to grandstand and pontificate a bit more. Judge Roberts, please answer the question."


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MerrileeAnn said...

I agree! If he would have been to the far left. . .most of those questions would have been non-existant!