Colon Blow

One of my favorite old Saturday Night Live sketches was Phil Hartman's "COLON BLOW." (The transcript can be read here).

I'm having my colon blown today for a colonoscopy tomorrow. I ate four pills at noon, and at 3:00 PM, I had the colon equivilant of Niagara Falls. Now I'm forced to drink 8 glasses of this clear, thick solution that makes me gag.

It has not been fun.

But it has been funny.


p.a.hiles said...

it looks like you have exacted your revenge for "sexbomb." all I need in my head is an image of anything that equals niagara falls coming out of you! seriously though, i hope that you are fine and my prayers are with you and your family!

Bob Robinson said...

According to the doc, all is fine in the lower regions!