I’ve accepted the position of AREA DIRECTOR with the CCO

The CCO is a college ministry that is very open to Emergent ideas for reaching a new generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My ministry is to supervise and equip about 20 CCO staffers on Northern Ohio college campuses as they spiritually form college students to be transformative agents in the world.

Transformation is the key—this isn’t simply about us going up to Heaven (though eternity with God is the wonderful hope of all believers in Christ), but rather about God’s Kingdom coming down to earth. We pray for God’s will to be done down here as it is done in heaven—in the very vocations for which these students are training and in the very lives for which these students are preparing. We want these “transformed students” to “transform their world”—in their schools, their workplaces, their families, and their churches. These students are the future leaders of the world.

This kingdom-oriented understanding of mission means that there is a reintegration of things like evangelism, social action, vocation, and all of life. There is not a "sacred life" (where we go to church, pray, and share the gospel with people) and a "secular life" (where we work, play, enjoy relationships and God's creation). The two are really two facets of one integrated, holy and holistic life that has transformative power.

In other words, the best thing we can do for non-Christian college students is help Christian college students get a clearer understanding of God’s kingdom and the identity that it gives us—people who are blessed to be a blessing, to reach out into the world with the saving and transforming Good News of Jesus Christ.

Read more about my ministry by following this link.


Scot McKnight said...

Our prayers are with you, but know this: college kids are the greatest kids in the world to work with.

Jeff Shafer said...


Wonderful news! Those students are going to have an excellent teacher.

Miche said...


Yes! What jeff shafer said! I am looking forward to hearing how all this goes for you. You will be the right person at the right time in lives of those needing the guidance you are so appply able to graciously give. Sweet! :)

Matt said...


Congratulations. Sounds like a very good fit for you.

Sivin Kit said...

hey .. great news! all the best .. God bless you .. (to be a blessing)

p.a.hiles said...

you are a great mentor and a caring person! i know that you'll be a great asset to this organization!

sabbath day's journey said...

We are very blessed to have you; I'm sure you'll do a great job!
P.S. Hope to see you in a few days.

Joyce Burgin said...


I'm glad to hear about your new ministry. It sounds perfect for you!