TV-Turnoff Week? Yea, that's it!

My buddy Matt let me know today that this week is "TV-Turnoff Week."

I wish I had known that before. It would have made my decision so much more noble. I got my cable bill Saturday and WOAH! The deal I had with the Cable Company was over--my bill jumped up to $120 / month! YIKES!

I know for some (who love HBO's Sopranos and such--the Chris Seay types out there), paying that much for cable is not a big deal, but for a guy like me, who watches a few hours at most plus sports a week, that's crazy.

But I will miss:
1. My DVR (Digital Video Recorder). I can pause, rewind, skip commercials, tape baseball and basketball games and whipping through the commercials. I know baseball is "America's Favorite Past-Time," but I often don't have time to pass! If I don't have time to watch a full Indians game, I can fly through innings until I notice something really happening, I love that...Well, I used to...

2. My daily fix of John Stewart on Comedy Central's The Daily Show. It's scary that a half-hour fake news show provides more in-depth information on the day's politics than all the cables news shows combined. I often hear Sean Hannity spout off about how the "liberal media" never covers the news, and yet I've never seen FOX NEWS CHANNEL (or any other the news outlet, save C-Span) daily show the actual footage of congressional hearings and political speaches, pointing out the obvious lies and incredible silliness of Washington politics like The Daily Show does. Plus Stewart is the wittiest, brightest guy on TV. I really enjoy watching him...Well, I used to...

But I wasn't stupid, at least I waited until ESPN's two day NFL Draft Coverage was over.

So, anyway, I wish I could say I am switching off the TV for TV-Turnoff Week, but I still have local channels and I still have my cable access to the internet.


p.a.hiles said...

hey, at least you can still watch "house m.d.!"

sabbath day's journey said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Yay!

Donna Chang said...

I feel for you. If I was in your shoes, I'd be able to watch Seinfield only 3 times a day.

Bob Robinson said...


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Rick said...

I applaud your decision. We usually participate in Turn of TV Week also.

As for the cable bill- outrageous. Look into DirecTV. It is still too much money- around $45 per month (with no movie channels- I cannot justify it financially).

You get to keep your DVR (or TiVo to them). It keeps us away from commercials so we think it may save us money in the long run. Being without Jon Stewart would be difficult for me too.