Today is Joel and Kaira’s FIFTH birthday.

Sheeeesh. That was a fast five years!

Kaira is a treasure—a sweet as can be, who loves both the feminine things like Barbie and dressing up and doing her nails and the ruff-and-tumble stuff of playing with her brothers and goofing off with the boys at preschool.

Joel is, well, Joel. Every moment he is doing something that just cracks you up. We like to say, “There’s Joel; he’s in his own little world.” He is always playing with action figures, making explosive noises (he even has made a little Tweety-Bird doll into an action figure that “stops the bad guys.”)

Older brother Trey loves them both a lot.

They are both very affectionate and a lot of fun.

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing they are in my life. Please guide me to be a good parent for them.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kaira & Joel!

Congratulations, Bob & Linda on such wonderful gifts.

-Matt Mitchell

Scot McKnight said...

And on top of the Happy Birthdays, Bob, wish that neither of them ever becomes a baseball pitcher! The worst days of a parent's life are the days the kid is pitching.