Time Magazine's "The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America"

Wow. The list is surprising in some ways. I like how they identified some who are relative unknowns but are still very influential on the evangelical population in America. Very insightful.

1. Rick Warren
2. Howard and Roberta Ahmanson
3. David Barton
4. Douglas Coe
5. Charles Colson
6. Luis Cortes
7. James Dobson
8. Stuart Epperson
9. Michael Gerson
10. Billy and Franklin Graham
11. Ted Haggard
12. Bill Hybels
13. T.D. Jakes
14. Diane Knippers
15. Tim and Beverly LaHaye
16. Richard Land
17. Brian McLaren

18. Joyce Meyer
19. Richard John Neuhaus
20. Mark Noll
21. J.I. Packer
22. Rick Santorum
23. Jay Sekulow
24. Stephen Strang
25. Ralph Winter

I must admit, there's 8 names that I would not have identified on this list...
...But the person who has most influenced me in the last few years is listed at number 17.

TIme Magazine

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Rick said...

I found your posting on the debate over Brian's book and thought I would let you know of another review by Al Mohler from Southern Seminary.

There is a link on my blog, djword.blogspot.com