Thanks to Tall Skinny Kiwi for the favorable link!

Andrew Jones at his blog, Tall Skinny Kiwi, linked over to my website vanguardchurch.com, where I posted my e-mail conversation with Steve Camp about Brian McLaren's new book, A Generous Orthodoxy.

Thanks, Andrew.


This essay is one I once wrote for a friend when he asked me about my "reading program." I have long been a huge fan of essayists; I find novels uninteresting (and it annoys me that I do, because I genuinely try to read those long-winded Russians). The essay is ruminative and not argumentative, but I'd welcome others speaking up for their own reading habits. (By the way, I begin my day with prayers and Bible reading, and I like to use Phyllis Tickle's Divine Hours as the stimulus; my first blog was on this.) But here it is... hope it helps someone out there in County Blog. Never Alone by Scot McKnight (pdf file)

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james said...

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to drop a line. I found my way over from Rick Bennet's blog, and noted some of your posts. I appreciate your treatment of Bush's "Cry Wolf" speeches. I've had some similar thoughts regarding these SOTU addresses.

Thanks for the words man.