The Bush Budget Proposal

According to Sojourners the Bush Budget Proposal has some serious question marks:

Making permanent the tax cuts of 2001 - 70% of which benefited the wealthiest 20% of U.S. citizens

The elimination of block grants that aid poor communities

Making it more difficult for working poor families with children to be on Medicaid

A $355 million cut to programs that promote safe and drug-free schools

Cuts to housing and urban development programs

The elimination of 48 educational programs



Byron said...

It won't surprise you that I protest, Bobsta; in fact, I'm planning two separate posts in the next few days on my blog:

1. My Beefs with the Evangelical Left
2. My Beefs with the Religious Right

I hope by so doing to tick people off across the spectrum...at any rate, as to this post of yours, courtesy of Jim Wallis, let me give you a foretaste of one of my beefs with the Evangelical Left:

The New England Patriots defense surrendered over 300 yards passing to Donovan McNabb in Super Bowl XXXIX, and 21 points. Question: what does that fact tell us about the outcome of the game, which is the real question, right (well, unless you play fantasy football…but that’s another issue, and a warped one at that)? I’ve just quoted a perfectly good fact, but taken alone, it tells us exactly nothing about the outcome of the game. The final score of the game is the context in which the above facts are meaningful, and as we all know, the Patriots scored 24 points. My point is that there is no need to react in anguish, if you are a Patriots fan, about such a context-less fact as I have stated, namely the passing yardage and total points scored by the Eagles. Why? Because this fact doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact, it doesn’t tell much of the story, really.What’s my point? The Evangelical Left—and liberals in general—tend to be great at giving us isolated facts. They’ll tell us that most of President Bush’s tax cuts go to the wealthiest 20 percent of Americans. Ooh…that sounds bad, especially in a culture in which envy is no longer a sin, but rather a good thing, stoked along as it is by liberals in the first place. The fact that the wealthiest Americans pay a huge share of the tax load—a higher percentage than the percentage of tax cuts coming their way—as well as the fact that the rich are taxed at a higher rate—somehow never comes into the equation. Telling some of the truth isn’t sufficient, and dealing in pithy catch-phrases isn’t helpful, unless the goal is to spread more heat than light…

See, that's my beef with the "facts" you've quoted, Bob; they may be TRUE enough, but do they really tell us anything ABSENT CONTEXT? What if the block grants are superfluous? What if the 48 educational programs that are being eliminated are inefficient and a waste of taxpayer money? What if the $355 million to programs that promote safe and drug-free schools is a terrible waste of money on ineffective or duplicated programs? Not to mention the fact that, contrary to Jim Wallis AND George W. Bush, one step in fixing education would be to cut off every last federal dime and abolishing the Department of Education.

But I digress...I consistently find liberals quoting facts that sound ominous, but which, lacking context, are effectively meaningless. Sort of like our "torture" discussion... :)

Bob Robinson said...


I knew I could count on you! I'm looking forward to your blog's posting.

In the meantime, I think I will post some more on this...