The newest NIV – Overcoming a Sad and Shameful Chapter in Evangelical Harshness

The newest version of the NIV is coming out. Here is a brief sketch of the NIV’s history, courtesy of Scot McKnight:
The NIV came out in the 70s, it continually was revised, the TNIV came out in 2002, it was blasted uncharitably and became a translation whose reputation had been maligned and had a hard time making a go of it. It’s sad and it’s a shame what its critics said. For me it’s nothing more than a bitter chapter among evangelicals who had more fear than intellect at work. But that’s behind us. Zondervan and the Committee on Bible Translation have worked together to “update” the NIV into the NIV 2011.
Let’s hope the a more charitable (that is, a more grace-filled) response comes from the likes of James Dobson and his crowd of evangelical bullies!

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