Favorite Super Bowl Ad?

I give a tie to Volkswagen and Best Buy.

This reminds me so much of my two boys running around pretending to be able to manipulate things around them with the Force. A great ad for a dad like me.

Ozzy Osbourne is replaced by Justin Bieber because technology moves so quickly. Well done. And Justin Bieber in a disguise saying “Kinda looks like a girl;” gotta love it.

Which ones did you like?

Dishonorable mention: Teleflora’s totally inappropriate commercial for a family event like the Super Bowl. What was Faith Hill thinking?

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Byron Harvey said...

None of the Super Bowl ads were much this year, but you're certainly dead-on with Teleflora; that was pathetic and turned me (and hopefully millions others) off to ever using their service. Faith Hill should be ashamed. Another dishonorable mention to PepsiMax for using that pervert Eminem in their commercials.