Take the Missional Church Assessment

Milfred Minatrea, author of the book Shaped By God's Heart: The Passion and Practices of Missional Churches from Leadership Network, offers this free assessment tool based on his book.

"A missional church," according to the Minatrea, "is not about programs, but rather is a distinct church culture. Churches, like any organism, adopt and are influenced by culture. Culture can be identified by observing behaviors. In fact, culture is the set of underlying values that drive our behavior. We act like we do, because we believe what we do. The only way to evaluate culture is through analyzing actions." Therefore, the assessment "gauges responses to statements about the behaviors of a church in order to provide a framework for dialogue concerning the compatibility of the church with a missional culture."

The assessment tool analyzes your church based on nine "Culture Checkpoints," and you receive a chart that graphically provides the assessment.
# 1 - High Threshold For Membership
# 2 - Real, But Not Real Religious
# 3 - Teach To Obey Rather Than Simply To Know
# 4 - Rewrite Worship Every Week
# 5 - Live Apostolically
# 6 - Expect To Change The World From Their Own Front Porch
# 7 - Order Their Actions Based Upon Their Purpose
# 8 - Measure Growth By Capacity To Release Rather Than Retain
# 9 - Value Beliefs And Are Passionate About The Kingdom Of God
You can take the assessment for free at XPastor.org.

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