Check out the new Orphan Project


Review of their debut album, Orphan Found, from the Dutch Progressive Rock Page:

"Orphan Project dub their music "hard prog". It is indeed "progressive" in the sense that it goes beyond the borders of ordinary rock, using different instruments and song structures. And it is indeed hard in the sense that Orphan Project borrow powerful vocals and guitars-with-distortion-wide-open from our tougher musical neighbours. Somewhere between Under the Sun and Threshold, I'd say, Orphan Project show very capable musicianship and writing. Not without reason (band leaders) Shane Lankford and John Wenger credit American bands like Journey, Kansas/Kerry Liv
gren, and Petra, as well as prog rock giants Yes/Trevor Rabin and Genesis/Peter Gabriel for inspiration. One could safely add Pink Floyd/David Gilmour and Steve Hackett."

From Soundmass.com:

"Orphan Project returns with Spooning Out The Sea, an album that is bound to go down in history as a progressive rock masterpiece! Taking elements of hard rock and progressive rock, Spooning Out The Sea will appeal to fans of Dream Theater, Peter Gabriel, Yes and Kansas!"

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