My article "Who Am I?" included in "Worldview Coursepack"

From the Cardus Website:

Cardus Coursepack - Worldview

Welcome to the Cardus Worldview Coursepack. We are delighted to present some of the best pieces from Comment's recent archive for this volume.

What is Comment Magazine? It is a worldview journal for the next generation of Christian leaders. We are animated by a vision of preparing tomorrow's leaders to "think Christianly" in every sphere of human activity, and it is to this end that we publish quarterly glossy journals, in addition to exceptional essays and artwork online each week. Comment is published by Cardus, a Christian public policy think tank based in Hamilton, Ontario.

Browse the full preview here, my article begins on page 112.

Table of Contents:
Reading the Bible... and Articulating a Worldview - by Michael Goheen
Understanding our story within the story

Becoming a Thinking Christian - by Timothy Weins
"If someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it." - 1 Pet 3:15 NLT

Making Friends for Life - by Greg Veltman
"I want to be tangled up... in the thorns of love."

Asking Big Questions - by Gideon Stauss
"What do I love? What do I believe? What is to be done?"

Cultural Influence: An Opportunity for the Church - by Gabe Lyons
Christians serving the common good have unmatched influence

Discovering What God Loves - by Steven Garber
A journey from duty to desire

What is to be Done... in the Public Square? - by Ray Pennings
Christian efforts in the public square are analogous to a pickup hockey game

Mine! - by Richard Mouw
Kuyper for a New Century

The Flash of a Fish Knife – by Calvin Seerveld
There is a spirit in the store, hallowing lowly work into rich service

Why Bother Going to Church? – by John Seel
Recovering the lost logic of church

But Now I See (Part I) – by Don Opitz
A crash course in worldview, and why it’s important

But Now I See (Part II) – by Don Opitz
With a Christian worldview, our daily work can transcend the grind and connect to a great purpose

Sex is Easier than Love – by Steven Garber
Why sexuality is at the very heart of life and learning

What is to be Done… to Understand our Moment? – by Gideon Strauss
Every Christian is confronted with the question, What does God ask of me at this time?

In Search of the Happy Life – by David Naugle
In disordered lives, we love things unintelligently, excessively, and unrealistically

Making Peace with Proximate Justice – by Steven Garber
Christians in politics must learn to accept some justice, some mercy

Who Am I? – by Bob Robinson
Rooting your identity in the image of God

Why are There So Many Religions? – by Ron Choong
They cannot all be correct, so why does God permit other religions to exist?


tony said...

Not a single female voice. So sad.

Author: Bob Robinson said...

That's a good observation. I'll have to ask Alissa Wilkinson, the associate editor for Comment why she did not include any female voices in this anthology.

It's not that Comment Magazine doesn't publish a lot of female writers. Just a quick review of the alphabetical list of contributors in their archives reveals that in recent issues, they've featured Nicole Baker Fulgham of Teach For America, Deborah Bowen of Redeemer University College, Anna Broadway who wrote the book Sexless in the City, Ellie Clitheroe who is President of Prison Fellowship Canada, Christina Crook who is editor of the Arts & Cultural Guide to British Columbia, Janel Curry of Calvin College, Janet Epp Buckingham of Trinity Western University and the Laurentian Leadership Centre, Luann Purcell Jennings of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Katherine Leary who is the director of the Redeemer's Center for Faith and Work, Kelly Monroe Kullberg of The Veritas Forum, Nancy Pearcey of Philadelphia Biblical University, Abbie Smith who wrote Can You Keep Your Faith in College?, Rebecca Tirrell Talbot of Concordia University Chicago and North Park University, Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma of *culture is not optional, and Bethany Warren of Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Company, along with many artistic contributions from women.