Scot McKnight's Talkin' Blue Parakeets with Steve Brown

One of the podcasts to which I subscribe through iTunes is Steve Brown, Etc.

Yesterday's podcast was a nice surprise.

From the Steve Brown, Etc. Website:

Blue Parakeets & Homosexuals in the Church - Scot McKnight on SBE

If you're not careful, reading the Bible can make you weird.

Have you ever struggled with being a Bible-believing Christian without becoming an out-of-touch fundamentalist or wacky liberal? If so, don't miss Scot McKnight on this week's SBE. If not, listen anyway.

Scot McKnight is a biblical scholar, beliefnet blogger and author of The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible. Join Steve and Scot as they discuss blue parakeets and how to handle the biblical view of homosexuality without being an uptight jerk.

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