Evangelicals a Liberal Can Love

Nicholas Kristof, columnist for The New York Times wrote an opinion piece recently that takes liberals to task about their attitude toward evangelicals.

He writes,

"Liberals believe deeply in tolerance and over the last century have led the battles against prejudices of all kinds, but we have a blind spot about Christian evangelicals. They constitute one of the few minorities that, on the American coasts or university campuses, it remains fashionable to mock."

Citing evangelical pastor Rick Warren as an example, Kristof says,

"Today, many evangelicals are powerful internationalists and humanitarians — and liberals haven’t awakened to the transformation."

In a great statement about how liberals and conservatives need to get beyond entrenched politics, Kristof admonishes,

"Bleeding-heart liberals could accomplish far more if they reached out to build common cause with bleeding-heart conservatives."


Read the column here: "Evangelicals a Liberal Can Love" by Nicholas D. Kristof
Also, read Kristof's responses to readers of his column at his blog.

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