CBS News on Evangelicals and the Vote for President

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The GOP might lose its lock on evangelical voters as issues like gay marriage and abortion fall in priority to global poverty and climate change. Katie Couric reports.

The text of the CBS poll can be found here.

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Ted M. Gossard said...

I have been encouraged by finding out that there is an organization called "Democrats for life". I dont' know exactly what they're all about, except that they are taking a stand against abortion. But at the same time they embody an agenda which is more in line with the values I vote for.

As an evangelical, I consider myself a moderate pro-life Democrat, though registered Independent here in Michigan. I'm ready to vote on either side, so I want to listen and be informed, though I'm not so sure what's happened so far will be that informative, nor I'm afraid, what will happen to the end. I guess sometimes you have to dig to find out.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I will say that all the Republican candidates so far are making it hard for me to consider voting for them because of what comes across to me as a strident militarism, except perhaps a couple of them. And I try to weigh the pros and cons of either side's influence on the Supreme Court. That gets complicated too, and I tend to side more on the liberal or moderate side, but not entirely happy with that, either.

joe said...

ted, i have to agree. it is really hard this go around to find a candidate who's values i can agree with. i understand that a vote for someone is aways a vote against something you believe in, but sheesh.

you think there would be more options, on both sides. but we have to remember that most candidates come from a different era, mindset and worldview then many of us in this generation. maybe not, but it is just an observation/opinion.

what they think is important to us, on either side, may not actually be what is important to us. it's not that they are missing the mark so to speak, but maybe there are too many marks to aim for anymore. lol. i dont know.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I think you have an interesting point I'm not sure I've ever noticed or thought of in that way before.

I just have to look at the whole of any candidate and take it for what it is. It is limited and in the end, I have a hard time seeing Washington D.C. and the New Jerusalem really having anything in common. No.