Wow, What a Draft

When it's all said and done, Brady Quinn will be very glad that the Browns picked Joe Thomas with the third overall pick. Now he has somebody who will be protecting his back side for the rest of his career.

Read Peter King's inside story ("Draft dreams come true: How Browns nabbed Quinn"), detailing how Browns GM Phil Savage worked this draft to get two of his top 5 choices.


JP Manzi said...

Cleveland worked magic in this draft. I am a Notre Dame nut and am happy for you guys getting Quinn. I am from Philly.....I'll say nothing more about this draft.

Armchair NASCAR said...

As a Steeler fan, I hate that you guys did what you did in the draft, but credit where it's due: the Browns won this draft.

Ted Gossard said...

Sounds good. Sounds like Quinn actually made out quite good.