"When a young person dies, a universe of possibility dies as well."

As someone who really, really loves college students, I watched the news channels tonight and just sobbed.

As Area Director for the CCO, a college outreach ministry, I pray daily for college students. I work every hour of every work day seeking to help college students connect with God and establish a future of purpose that will transform the world around them. This is my life.

As I watch the haunting images on my TV screen, I think of the students I meet every week: their smiles, their exuberance, their wide-eyed wonder at the possibilities in front of them. When our ministry is at its best is when we succeed in helping to turn on the light for students – for them to understand that life has meaning and purpose, that God is calling them into not just a job for the sake of the “American Dream,” but into vocation for the sake of bringing God’s kingdom and God's will on earth as it is in heaven. I find few things as exciting than knowing that a college student gets it – that their life can be about being a part of God’s grand plan of redemption and restoration.

I see hope in this generation. I see possibility.

And for the lives of these college students at Virginia Tech to be snuffed out like this…

…it just makes me weep.


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