The biggest event in our ministry’s year is this weekend. Nearly 2,000 students congregate in Pittsburgh for the CCO’s Jubilee Conference. Hopefully our huge winter snowstorm will subside so that the students can make it out safely!

I’m praying this week that many students will have “the light turn on,” understanding how the gospel of the Kingdom of God impacts their studies, their vocations, and their entire lives.

The Christian gospel is often truncated to merely salvation from Hell and receiving assurance of Heaven. The Jubilee Conference helps students see the gospel holistically.

This is a unique experience for each of these students, an opportunity to see that faith as a Christian must penetrate into every aspect of what it means to live in this world.

Sessions on worldview, sports, art, literature and music, law, culture, pornography, education, medicine, global debt, politics, business ethics, science, and engineering are coupled with plenary worship experiences that help students connect faith, vocation, and culture.

Our speakers include:
  • Shane Claiborne of The Simple Way and author of The Irresistible Revolution
  • Gary Haugen, President of International Justice Mission
  • Steve Garber, author of The Fabric of Faithfulness
  • Barbara Williams-Skinner, who with her late husband, Tom Skinner, founded the Skinner Leadership Institute
  • Gideon Strauss, editor of "Comment," the Work Research Foundation’s monthly worldview journal
  • David Naugle, author of Worldview: The History of a Concept
  • Dr. John Templeton, President of the John Templeton Foundation
  • Andy Crouch, editorial director for The Christian Vision Project at Christianity Today
  • Plus many more speakers on specific vocational callings.
Please pray for the students who attend (and for the weather)!


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