So You Think I'm Bald

Over at Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight graced the internet with a picture of himself from his master’s degree days.

Wow. That's a lot of hair for a guy who has a distinct lack of stuff on top now.

I had to go all the way back to my college days to find a picture of myself with hair. By the time of my master's degree, most of it had already gone AWOL.


Scot McKnight said...

This is almost a blog of the week -- we looked a lot alike!


Brad Wright said...

Nice picture!

I used to pray that I would at least keep my hair until I got married (getting thin, but I made it).

Bob Robinson said...


We who are losing it up top are more prone to grow it around the mouth. Why is this?

I've done the same (at my wife's suggestion).

M. Akamau said...

Wow...Look at you!