A Prog-Rock Lover's Christmas Dream

I just saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra play in Cleveland at QuickenLoans Arena.

All this prog-rock lover can say is, "WOW."

Here's a couple short videos from this year's show:

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Paul Carusoe said...

I saw them a few weeks ago. Since I am involved with a new project that is prog-oriented yet with a very missional message, I looked forward to taking notes. The lights, fire and lazer show was the most incredible I've seen. At 20 gs a pop, I don't think we'll be doing lazers on that level any time soon.

I am wondering what you thought of the story though. We waited for the message to come together and it never really did. I don't know whether it was that vague or if perhaps they just didn't have the delivery down on it yet. It seemed as if the band wasn't really connecting with the story line.

I did think the vocals were the best that I've heard them do and the new material was very nice.

What are your thoughts according to the show you saw?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob-
Have you heard Iona? Their keyboardist/main arranger, Dave Bainbridge, counts some of your favorites among his influences, and some of them have even played on his solo albums. If you don't know them, check here:

Continuing to be grateful to God for your recovery.
Dana Ames

Doug Jones said...

Glad you got to catch TSO on tour. I saw them last year in Pittsburgh - it was really a blast! The band is tight and it is joyous to experience.

I was glad to find another prog-rock blogger! I am way into the prog... great part of my life is appreciating the technique and virtuosity of a great prog-epic!

My faves - Genesis, The Flower Kings, Transatlantic, Rush, and Yes.

Bob Robinson said...

Paul Carusoe,

Honestly, I couldn't really follow the story during the concert (I took my three young children, and so I was interacting with them between songs).

I like the storyline on the albums and on the "The Ghosts of Christmas Eve" that was on PBS (and available on DVD).

Bob Robinson said...


Nice to meet another that appreciates the prog rock genre. Maybe, just maybe, it will make a comeback with the success of TSO and a few other bands!

Bob Robinson said...


Thanks for the heads-up on Iona!

Sounds very interesting! I will definitely keep listening to their stuff via the internet. I am intrigued enough to keep them on my radar!

My favorite contemporary prog artist is Neal Morse.