Thank you for your prayers!

I go into the hospital tomorrow for surgery (which will take place on Wednesday, Sept 27, in the morning). If all goes well (and I know we are all praying for that!), I will be in the hospital about 10 days for recovery and then home. I'm hoping that my full recovery will take only about two months.

We wanted to give a special “thank you” to all of our friends and family who have been praying for us and caring for Linda’s needs while I am in the hospital.

Watch this video! (2-1/2 minutes; Click on the image to activate the You Tube embedded video, then click on the play button)

To check on my status while in the Cleveland Clinic, you can log into "TheStatus.com" and do the following:

  • Type in my Last Name: Robinson
  • Type in the password: getwellsoon1

This page will give you the background of what has happened to me and when I’m allowed to have visitors. Linda will be able to easily update my status under “news updates.” Linda’s phone number and e-mail address are there as well so that you can encourage her!

There is a place for you to sign a guest book and/or leave a message for Linda and me while I am in the hospital. Hope to hear from you there.

You’ll also find links there for further info (maps to and of the Cleveland Clinic, info about my surgeon, etc).

Thanks again for your support.


Ted Gossard said...


What a wonderful video. Great to meet you and your family in that way. We'll certainly be praying.


Christie said...

I enjoyed the video.

Praying for you,
Christie G
(CCO-Elizabethtown College)

Clay Bethelbridge said...

All the best to you Bob!!! The blogosphere has your back. ;)

austina said...

loved that video! you'll be in my prayers.

Matt Robinson said...