The Nativity Story and Wondering About Mary

This December, New Line Cinema will release in theaters the movie, The Nativity Story. It stars Keisha Castle-Hughes, nominated at the age of 12 for an Academy Award as Best Actress in Whale Rider.

You can read a behind-the-scenes report from Christianity Today MOVIES.com here.

Just in time for discussions pertaining to the birth of Jesus and the life of Mary, Scot McKnight has written a book called The Real Mary: Why Evangelical Christians Can Embrace the Mother of Jesus. Paraclete Press is offering the book at a 20% prepublication discount until November 1.

Here at Vanguard Church, you can view and print out the first two chapters of Scot’s book (compliments of Paraclete Press - pdf format).


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Ted Gossard said...

Hey Bob,
Great to hear that it's the same young lady who played in Whale Rider. I think I saw that film, and it was a very good one. And she was an excellent young actor.