Emerging Call to Social Justice

Calling young evangelicals to social justice
Relationships with poor urged

Boston Globe, June 18, 2006

Aaron Graham, the 26-year-old pastor of Dorchester's Quincy Street Missional Church and a leader of the Boston Faith and Justice Network, guided the burgeoning crowd of some 150 people from worship into action at the network's kickoff event. Graham embodies a local movement of evangelicals looking to mobilize young Christians for social justice outside the limits of partisan politics.

``If I'm going to err on one side, I'd better err on the side of the poor, based on the Bible," says Graham. ``The liberal-conservative division doesn't really work for our generation."

``You will not change the world in your spare time with your spare change," said Bart Campolo, founder and chaplain of Mission Year, a national Christian service program, in his keynote address. ``The word we almost never use when we talk about mission [work] is `sacrifice.' "

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Rick said...

Aaron was in my youth group, came to Boston as my intern while we were starting our church and then moved there to help with our church.

We sent him out to start things in the ghetto next to our neighborhood and he has flourished. I thought you would like to know that.

Bob Robinson said...


How cool is that?!?!

It is great to see young evangelicals take the holistic gospel and run with it!