You Might Work for the CCO If:

My friend Michele McClendon, who heads up our CCO ministry at the University of Akron, came up with this hilarious list.

You Might Work for the CCO If:

  • You like to kick it with college students.
  • You carry a Nalgene water bottle. You drink a LOT of water.
  • You drink Fair Trade coffee.
  • You have a passion for social justice.
  • In the winter you wear socks with your hiking sandals.
  • You own more books than anything.
  • John Perkins is your hero.
  • If you’re a single female, you’ve kicked around the notion of marrying Donald Miller.
  • You live simply.
  • Blue Like Jazz tops off your list of favorite books.
  • All roads lead to Jubilee.
  • If you’re a female, you don’t wear makeup; if you’re a male, your hair is longer than your wife’s.
  • If you have children, you "co-parent" with your spouse.
  • "All of life redeemed" means something to you.
  • You recycle. Everything.
  • You frequently use the word “Sabbath” and like to read books about it.
  • For two-day staff seminars you carry only the bare essentials in a small backpack, and still have room left over for the books you PM’d from Hearts and Minds. Ah, life is good.
  • You love nature and you feel pretty darn close to God in it.
  • In the winter you wear jackets with no sleeves.
  • You don’t care about fashion.
  • You live in community with other C.C.O. folks.
  • You are “intentional” about this, that or the other. You like that word a lot.
  • Your family is still waiting for you to get a "real" job.

1 comment:

p.a.hiles said...

i match a couple of things on this list,especially when it comes to "my hair being longer than my wife's" AND "my family wanting me to get a real job!" i don't know who this john perkins guy is though.