WRF's Comment Magazine features the CCO

The Work Research Foundation is a Canadian organization whose mission is "to influence people to a Christian view of work and public life." They seek to explore and unfold the dignity of work, the meaning of economics, and the structures of civil society, in the context of underlying patterns created by God.

The WRF's academic journal is called "COMMENT."
This month, Gideon Strauss offers a very favorable article entitled "Building Institutions - The Coalition for Christian Outreach"

He writes,
"The CCO is unique among campus ministries...the CCO led the way in insisting thirty years ago that Christian discipleship has implications for the studies of students, and for their everyday working lives after they graduate - implications that start with a personal faith life marked by devotional depth and discipline, but that ripples out into every corner of life, and into the very structures of society..."


Bob said...

Bob, This is a nice "plug" for the CCO.

I'm reminded of a speech I heard Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) give in my college days (mid '80s). At one point he criticized students that were getting a degree in "African American Studies". He roughly said that you should be learning your heritage in the context of your family. You should be studying how to be a businessman or a doctor or a physicist. The point was: we need people who know who they are and can make a difference in society.

It's a stretch but this article made me wonder if there is a parallel. Do we need more folks who know Christianity or do we need folks who are Christian businessmen, doctors and physicists who proclaim the Way in their work?

It sounds like this is what the CCO is trying to communicate (we need the latter).

Gideon Strauss said...

Thanks for mentioning our article, Bob! Do please subscribe to Comment - I think you will find it worth your while!