"Portnoy"? What About "Spiritual Formation"?

I thought this was funny.

I was checking the Webtrends Web Report for my website, vanguardchurch.com.
One report tells you how people found the website through search engines.
Number one search phrase: The Google Search for “Mike Portnoy” (494 searches, accounting for 19.74% of the total).
Number two: “spiritual formation” (74 Google, Alta Vista, Yahoo, and MSN searches, accounting for 2.42% of all the searches that ended at my site).

At least my “Social Action” and “Emerging Church” pages were accessed almost as many times as my “Prog Rock” page!

Church Growth people talk about “side doors” into churches (outreach events, community resource offerings, etc., that get unchurched people connected with the local church). I guess my “side door” at vanguardchurch.com is Progressive Rock and the guy you meet at the door is the best drummer in rock music—Mike Portnoy.

Not a bad month, though. I had 7,703 visitor sessions in May.

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