Arrived at CCO Training

It's an exciting time...Having arrived here in Beaver Falls, PA at Geneva College with 40 other new staffers.

We met each other for the first time, ate dinner, and Dan Dupee (the President of the CCO) spoke to us, telling us about the "gifts" that we will both receive and give during these 6 weeks as we interact with each other and our trainers.

We also received our sylabus of the coursework we'll be taking.

I'll let you know on the next post the eight great books that we are required to read!


miche said...

Hey Bob

Here I was feeling bad that you had to be away so long and now you say that you get to read eight great books?! No Fair. :) I had to put the book you gave me aside until after boards, but I am truly enjoying it. I am praying the Lord's Prayer everyday (or trying to), and it is an interesting process/project/conversation. Some days I love the prayer, and other days it can drive me nuts!

Anyway, I hope you are becoming comfortable in your surroundings and challenged by everything else. Take care!


Bob Robinson said...

The Lord's Prayer. I hear that's a good one (who recommended that we pray that way again? Oh yea...).

Exactly what day is the Board Exam?

miche said...

This Friday, 9:00 am.
Celebration to follow directly afterwards!

Yes, that prayer does come highly recommended, but I tell ya, it seems it would be a lot easier to pray if you had divine heritage. Half the time I pray it, I feel like I have to lie my way through it...what's that about?! Argh.

...what is this "daddy" stuff about anyway? Do you know ONE person who can actually claim to be comfortable with that, and then actually live their life as if the "I Am" can really be viewed as "Abba?" I cannot. Lots of verbiage to say they view him as "daddy," but to live out that intimacy...have not seen it to know what it looks like.

Anyway, do not get me started...wait, you just did...LOL!

Behave! ...and enjoy those books.


Bob Robinson said...

I was just listening to Stan Grenz on the Trinity on CD on the way out to PA and he said that the proper translation of Abba should be "Dad" not "Daddy."

It is the MATURE person's intimate name for his or her father (as opposed to the immature little child calling him "daddy"). I thought that was very interesting. Jesus is calling us to have a mature yet intimate relationship with our "Dad."

miche said...

Actually, that is quite helpful to realize. Thanks. It is odd how just a small change can make that big of a difference. It should be a little easier to pray. I'll let you know.

Have great day!