Satellite Project Beginnings

I am working with another pastor in our area to try to create a new kind of ministry here in Canton. It is called “Satellite Project.”
We feel that it would be good to unite the young adult generation of our county, in order to create mini-communities where faith becomes purpose for the good of our community and the world.
I’d like to see Satellite Project help young adults meet God, immerse themselves in God, and be moved by God in deeper personal faith that will manifest beyond their own personal redemption and into God’s purposes to extend the Kingdom of Christ in all aspects of life in the 21st Century.
My partner in developing this is Scott Rosen, Pastor for Young Adults at First Christian Church in Canton (his particular “church-within-a-church” is called “Tuesdays”). We have other team members as well.
We want to partner with agencies, organizations, ministries, churches in Canton—empowering and implementing a workforce of servants seeking to glorify God by manifesting the love of Jesus Christ through their efforts.
If you have any ideas, please respond!

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