Demand some accountability from Bush and Rumsfeld!

I’ve had it with this administration’s total disregard for the human rights of non-Americans. This week’s Time Magazine article “Redefining Torture” spells out how “A series of leaked legal memos has revealed that since late 2001 the Administration has been quietly but fundamentally reshaping America's stance on torture. Contradicting 50 years of policy governing the treatment of detainees captured during conflict, the memos meticulously list all the laws against torture—then offer methods of evading them.”
How much more evidence must we have (other than those missing WMD) before we rise up and demand some accountability?
Sojourners reports “Though the country remains divided on Rumsfeld's responsibility for these crimes, a wide spectrum of military, political, and human rights leaders have called for either his resignation or an independent investigation into the abuses in U.S. military prisons,” including quotes from Army Times, The New Yorker, Republican Senator Chuck Hegel Chuck Hagel, (Neb.): International Committee for the Red Cross, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch.
I have written my congressmen and have urged for Rumsfeld's resignation and an independent investigation.
Is it “Christian” to oppose this Christian President’s administration when there are glaring sin going on! You bet!
As Brian McLaren recently wrote (you can read the entire article at http://www.vanguardchurch.com/social_action.htm ) “Great leaders through Biblical history, like King David for example, have made great mistakes and needed to be counseled or confronted (as the prophet Nathan did for David). Being chosen by God didn’t give Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Saul, David, or Solomon (or even the Apostle Peter for that matter) a carte blanche to be above needing counsel and confrontation at times. Those who think they stand above the need for counsel are warned in Scripture that they too can fall, and if they are proudly overconfident about their standing, it is certain they will fall. So, yes, we must pray for our president, and we must speak the truth to and about him and his policies.”


Anonymous said...

You should be praying for Bush, not condemning him. He is a good Christian man. We must rid the world of evil, and Bush understands that he has been called for such a time as this!

Dru said...

>You should be praying for Bush, not condemning him. He
>is a good Christian man. We must rid the world of
>evil, and Bush understands that he has been called for
>such a time as this!

I think he just said that we should be praying for him. We also must think and not just accept anything that he does and says, because he calls himself a "Christian".

I can't believe that you say that it is America's role to rid the world of evil. If it was, we had better get rid of ourselves as well since man is evil by nature since the fall. I would think that the prison abuses at Abu Ghraib would have shown you this. Our government is one of the most terroristic nations in the world. You just aren’t told any of that by the Christian right or the media.

Since Bush wants to rid the world of evil, does that mean he can do whatever HE deems necessary to accomplish that end? Of course not. It is not his or anyone else's role in this world to rid evil. If God wanted it done away with, he would do it, but evil and suffering are part of His plan. The early church considered it a blessing to suffer. Read Phillipians for example.

Ok, now for the "he is a good Christian man" comment. Just because he claims to be one does not make him one. And besides, Paul didn't even consider himself a "good christian". He said that he was the chief of all sinners. Bush is a far cry from Paul. Bush, just like his father, wants to usher in the New World Order. He would have gone into Iraq even if there weren’t any WMD’s. He has said this. I have the video clip. Is that the type actions that we should be supporting? Just a few months ago he vehemontly declared that Saddam and Usama didn’t have any connection to each other. Now they all of the sudden they do. Why? Because he needs some reason to justify his tyranical war on the people of Iraq. We will not be leaving Iraq any time soon. Next will be Iran and Syria. Don't be a sheep. Think for yourself. Too many Christians are not thinking and since Bush is supposedly pro-choice and a Christian, they all say that we must support him no matter what. Please! His actions are far from Christian-like. Bob has a great point and he is far more tactful than I. Your comment doesn't even address anything he says. You just brush it aside by saying that he is a "good Christian man". With great power comes great responsibility. It is our RESPONSIBILITY to make him accountable.


Jack said...

You are going to get a lot of negative comments from this. Good luck.

p.a.hiles said...

amen bob! i fully agree with you! just because he is a beleiver does not mean that we should cut him some slack! actually, i feel that he should receieve the most scrutiny of anyone! i don't say this as an american citizen but as a british citizen that lives in america! i feel that if one non-american's rights are trounced on, what's to stop it from happening to all non-american citizens!? and furthermore, what right do we have to go into a country, capture it's citizens, and treat them like animals!? as for bush being a christian man, all i'll say is that if you hype the band, you had better wear the t-shirt! that's all i have to say so i'll get off my soapbox for now! god bless!